From the Editor

By Dr. Jay Zinn


We are all born into a hostile world filled with trials and tough decisions. Some places experience more hardships than others. Becoming a Christian doesn’t make life easier, and in some cases, it makes life more difficult. Our focus in this issue is on one of those places – India – where believers not only face hardships, but also persecution and martyrdom for their faith. My brothers and sisters in India provoke me to live up to a higher standard of sacrifice. Difficulties shape me, make me less selfish, and provide me with opportunities to reach out and help others. These are the lessons you’ll observe, too, from our brothers and sisters in Christ from India. They teach me that hardships are permanent, but so is God’s love through each other.

We will present some facts on the persecution occurring in India, uplifting stories of victory and healings in the midst of troubles, insights on personal growth and handling finances in tough times, and how to love each other despite our differences.

Recent events – Japan’s earthquakes, tsunamis and radiation risks; growing civil wars in the Middle East against despotism; the impact of economic upheavals on all of us – can skew our perspectives and lead us into lethargy and despair. But despite increasing global unrest, let us never forget that Christ is still on the throne! He sees all events and has a plan to help us today as he did when he destroyed the agenda of principalities and powers through His death on the cross. Though life continues to challenge each and every generation and country with its own set of disasters, problems, and disappointments, Christ’s love and his plans are obtainable no matter what is happening around us.

I hope you’ll enjoy the articles and become inspired and encouraged in your walk with the Lord.


Jay Zinn




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