From the Editor

By Dr. Jay Zinn


Have you ever been told that healings and miracles disappeared with the twelve apostles of Christ? And that when the last apostle, John, had died, supernatural signs and wonders ceased and were no longer necessary to spread the good news of Jesus Christ? I have been told that repeatedly over the years by well-meaning Christians trying to show me the way more perfectly. And I’d been there once, too, on some very important issues—firmly convinced about certain experiences I believed didn’t apply to me as a Christian—that is, until experience overrode my theology.


Many years ago, when I was on a mission trip in Ecuador, a young teenager told me she had been taught by her host parents in America that tongues and healings had ceased with the early church. She was firm in her beliefs about it. So I invited her to join me in the service that night and stand by my side as I prayed for people to be healed by Jesus. By the end of the night, after she had witnessed the miraculous healings that took place, she walked away with a new theology: that God still does miracles, signs and wonders in his church today. A teenage believer became a believer in the supernatural works of God. She went on to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in a new language the Bible refers to as tongues; something else she had been taught was not for today. Yet she received the incredible experience, along with a major boost in her faith for the supernatural works of God.


In this issue, we will address the subject of the supernatural at work in the world today. We’ll look at scriptures and statistics, and especially an interview with Shara Pradhan, former personal assistant to Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries who moves and walks daily with God in the supernatural. From our other columnists, Eric Vogen gives us his great insight into supernatural wisdom and patience with our finances. Esther returns with her invaluable wisdom on how our behavioral patterns from previous generations can affect our decisions, perspectives, and worldview in life. And Cec offers his advice on how to keep life from pushing you around so much; that there is time enough for everything to be done that needs to be done today. Even time for you to enjoy reading this new issue of KRC.


May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you.


Jay Zinn




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