Who me? … Yes, you!

By Dr. Jay Zinn


Since we are in a time when the world’s troubles increasingly threaten our future and the lives of our children and grandchildren, we feel an urgent need to find leaders who will bring solutions to what ails us. So we look for a savior, a deliverer, perhaps that next politician who will ride in to save the day. But no one person can change what’s coming. It will take the transformation of the masses in towns, cities, nations, and cultures on a grassroots level. Don’t ignore the possibility that you might be one of those who could spark a revolution. You could be the person God uses as a solution.

Gideon saw himself not as a hero, but as a cowardly farmer hiding in the winepress to thresh his wheat (Judges 6:1-16). Then the angel of the Lord appears to him and hails him with, “The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior.” I can only imagine Gideon’s confusion, looking around for someone else hiding in the winepress, then turning back to the angel and saying, “Who me? Are you talking to me? You sure you’ve got the right guy, because I’m hiding here in this winepress for a reason.”

“Who me?” characters are found throughout the Bible. They saw themselves as small and unimpressive — nobodies who were not qualified to make a mark on their world or on the conditions desperately requiring someone to rise up and bring hope. You, yes you, could be the “Who me?” candidate God is looking for, the person who can make a difference. In this issue of KRC we want to challenge you to see your potential as God sees it — to be great in some small way so that the least things done in your eyes will become great things. God can use you, an ordinary person, to do extraordinary things.


Jay Zinn




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