Sex Trafficking Next Exit

By Dr. Jay Zinn


I am the grandparent of a beautiful eighteen year old who has gone off to her first year in college. Her mother, her grandmother, and I have all contributed toward giving her the love, affection and guidance to be a well-rounded and grounded person. We have equipped her with a biblical worldview and we believe she is secure in her identity. We have also educated her on the subject of sex trafficking so that she may be wise and alert to her surroundings and future acquaintances and friends.

Sex trafficking preys on young beautiful women, which isn’t confined alone to the ghettos. Recruiters and predators abound in the most subtle of ways and they are scooping up our daughters and granddaughters into a life of hell that few ever escape except through death. How is this possible? It is happening next door, down the street, the next exit or even in a neighboring community, as you will see in this issue. We cannot shove this aside and think of it only as a third-world issue. It is a booming business in America because it is rooted in the hallways of our junior high schools where our girls, our daughters, are being seduced into the lies of the world that say their beauty and their sexuality are what defines them. I have recently picked up a book I highly recommend by Jim Anderson called, Unmasked—Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault. In it he says:

“We have allowed our daughters to be sexualized, depersonalized, and objectified, creating an atmosphere in which sexual predators thrive. This … leads to the creation of a pornography industry, which, in turn, feeds a sex-slavery industry. [The] message that the primary value of a woman is her sexuality, [has pervaded] our entire culture [through the media]. The appetite of Western nations for sex slavery is a direct result of this alteration of identity, this identity theft on a generation of young women. When we no longer tolerate the philosophy of Sex and the City


in our midst, only then will we begin to see inroads made into the war of against the sex-slavery industry.”
Fathers protect your daughters. Let their identity be affirmed by your attention and affection. Most teenage runaways end up being abducted into the sex-slavery industry and may never be found again. Educate and protect your children. Boys are just as vulnerable to this horrific bane of society. This is a real threat, and it is our responsibility to make others aware. That’s what this issue is about. To make you aware so that you may alert others to the invisible predators about you—that you may know and your kids may know.

Jay Zinn




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