As We Go

By Sloan Milliken


Many years ago, I heard someone talking about how a huge amount of Jesus’ recorded ministry took place as he was on his way somewhere. After a little reflection and study, I knew this observation was correct. Jesus was walking into Nain when he raised the man from his funeral bier, was passing through to Galilee when he encountered the woman at the well, and was headed toward Jerusalem when he changed plans to stop for a night at Zacchaeus’ house. The centurion’s servants met him on the road, he restored the demoniac one day as he came to shore, and he healed Malchus’s ear before he was bound and taken to be tried and crucified.

Inspired by Jesus’ example, I realized that so many of the good works God has for me are not going to be confined to a church building. Borrowing language from the Scriptures, since then I often have used the phrase “‘As You Go’ Evangelism” to remind myself and encourage others that God wants to move through us in the world as we go about our days.

Until recently, however, I had never considered the other side of those stories. I may have to coin a new phrase, “As We Go Encounters,” for these stories encourage me that Jesus wants to reveal himself to me as I go about my day.

Think about the story for a second from the widow’s perspective who had lost her son. Or from that of the Samaritan woman, or Malchus, or Zacchaeus. They were living their lives, grappling with death and shame, loss and pain—and then Jesus broke in and met them there. He wants to do the same for us, not only in intense, life-shaping moments, but also in the mundane.

This issue is a diverse collection of pieces that work together to remind me to believe for both sides of the story. Jesus wants to encounter me through a book, on a pilgrim’s road, through dreams, and in the victories of life. He wants others to encounter him through my listening ear and hospitable touch, through my passion for God and timely advice.

Be encouraged, friends, for he wants the same for you as well. I pray you will find him each day, right where you are, along your way.

Many blessings,
Sloan Milliken



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